Detailed Notes on ligature resistant tv enclosure Halifax

profundal zone - noun. the profundal zone is really a deep zone of the inland human body of freestanding water, like a lake or pond, located beneath the variety of successful mild penetration. This is often beneath the thermocline, the vertical zone in the drinking water through which temperature drops fast.

machicolation - noun. (in medieval fortifications) an opening concerning the supporting corbels of a projecting parapet or perhaps the vault of a gate, by which stones or burning objects may very well be dropped on attackers

donativum - the name specified into the presents of money dispersed for the troopers on the Roman legions or to your Praetorian Guard because of the Roman Emperors

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frazil - noun. tender or amorphous ice fashioned from the accumulation of ice crystals in water that may be too turbulent to freeze reliable.

• Serous exudate (at times labeled as serous transudate) is usually viewed in gentle inflammation, with somewhat small protein. Its consistency resembles that of serum, and may be found in certain illness states like tuberculosis.

spinthariscope - noun. Physics. an instrument that exhibits the incidence of alpha particles by flashes on the fluorescent screen

phylactery - noun. a little leather box made up of Hebrew texts on vellum, worn by Jewish men at morning prayer like a reminder to help keep the legislation.

lamas - noun. an honorific title placed on a spiritual chief from the Tibetan Buddhism whether or not a reincarnate lama (like the Dalai Lama) or one who's got gained the title in everyday life.

1st, when the ability is very first switched on, the igniter/starter (and that is wired in parallel across the lamp) sets up a little existing throughout the ballast and starter. This generates a little magnetic subject inside the ballast windings. A minute later the starter interrupts The present flow in the ballast, that has a high inductance and as a consequence tries to maintain the current circulation (the ballast opposes any modify in present via it); it can not, as there's no lengthier a 'circuit'.

Geissler tube - noun. a sealed tube of glass or quartz by using a central constriction, stuffed with vapor to the manufacture of a luminous electrical discharge.

cud - noun. the portion of foods that a ruminant returns from the 1st stomach to your mouth to chew a 2nd time ORIGIN: right before a thousand; Middle English; Old English cudu, variant of cwiodu, cwidu; akin to Previous Substantial German quiti glue, Sanskrit jatu, resin, gum

candoluminescence - noun. the light offered off by specified supplies at elevated temperatures (commonly when subjected to a flame) which has an depth at some wavelengths that may be greater as opposed to blackbody emission envisioned from incandescence at the same temperature. The phenomenon is notable in selected changeover metal and rare earth metallic oxide resources(ceramics) including zinc oxide and cerium oxide or thorium dioxide. The existence of the phenomenon and also Global manufacturer the underlying mechanism are already the subject of intensive analysis and discussion because the 1st stories of it from the 1800s.

Albigensian - plural noun. the customers of the heretical sect in southern France in the 12th-13th hundreds of years, discovered With all the Cathars. Their educating was a sort of Manichaean dualism, with an incredibly demanding ethical and social code.

suicide resistant TV enclosure Halifax

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